Thanks to all of you there for your fine craftsmanship and good customer relations.
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01 – Wm Porter
happy client
Just to let y'all know that I will not be recommending your shop to my friends - I will insist that they use you whenever there is a need! I'm really extremely happy with the service extended by the entire staff and the end product (recovered the driver's seat and fixed the frame) is absolutely wonderful.  Also, I really appreciate ya'll finding the roll of tape... going by the envelope that the tape was stuck to, that roll of tape has been were ever you found it for at least eight years.  Once again, thank you  very much.
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02 – Richard P Chase
loyal client
Dear Joe,  A quick note with some feedback about the gel pad you installed in the seat of my 07 Ultra Classic.  As you know we were about to embark on a coast-to0coast odyssey, going from Jacksonville Beach to La Jolla Beach (San Diego) in 48 hours.  We made the trip in 46 hours, 48 minutes, riding 20 hours Saturday and 21 hours Sunday.  The seat performed flawlessly.  I didn't experience any discomort, even with the extended saddle time.  I would recommend this for anyone that rides - short or long distance.  Thank you for the great service, product and craftsmanship.
03 – Emile “Red” Barnes
happy client